LED Retrofits

Save with LED Lighting

Businesses can achieve significant cost savings by retrofitting existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with new replacement LED bulbs. MCC Controls has licensed electrical contractors to help estimate the cost savings achievable at your facility. By sourcing LED bulbs direct from a trusted manufacturer, MCC Controls is positioned to upgrade your commercial or industrial lighting while passing maximum savings on to our customers. Longer life and lower wattage bulbs means lower maintenance costs, lower utility bills and for a limited time great rebates are available from the ontario government. Though our honest, direct approach we hope to build lasting customer relationships. Contact us today to see how easy and beneficial an LED lighting retrofit can be with MCC Controls.

5 Reasons to Choose LED

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    Saves Energy

    Depending on your existing configuration you could save between 30 to 60% on your existing lighting bill.

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    Great Rebates

    The Ontario Save on Energy program is currently offering great incentives to upgrade to LED lighting.

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    Longer Bulb Life

    LED bulbs last 2.5 – 3.5 times longer than traditional florescent tubes.

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    No Mercury

    No harmful mercury means better for the environment.

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    No Ultra Violet (UV)

    Unlike florescent lights, LED bulbs give off no UV or IR light. Easier on the eyes and won’t fade fabrics.

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    Better in the Cold

    LED lights perform significantly better in cold conditions compared to Florescents.

Ontario Save on Energy Program

Switching to LED lighting is a great way to qualify for the Ontario Save on Energy Program which helps cover the costs of upgrading to high efficiency lighting. This can add to your total savings and speed up the return on investment.

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