SCADA System Design

MCC Controls designs, develops and implements modern SCADA systems. By combining leading network principles with intuitive graphic design, we achieve functional interfaces for operators, that look great and are highly scale-able. Finally, all of our SCADA systems provide operators critical information to supervise today's control systems. HMI and SCADA experts are ready to bring the benefits of high performance HMI to your process.
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  • Hardware Setup

  • Software Installation

  • Network Configuration

  • Multiple Vendors

  • Equipment Overviews

  • Control & Setup Screens

  • Efficient Alarming

  • Diagnostics

Operator Interface

Organized meaningful data is essential to modern manufacturing environments. As a result, we combine graphic design expertise with technical knowledge to deliver superior user experiences. Creating an intuitive interface is essential to efficient operation. At MCC Controls our HMI’s are designed to look great while improving operator understanding and reaction time.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Due to the increasing volume of data available from modern PLC's and control systems, reporting has become an essential part of today's control architecture. To inform business decisions, data must be organized and presented in a meaningful way. Consequently, data collection and analysis is an increasing challenge for manufacturers. Communicate key data to management and operation teams by implementing an MES reporting system with MCC Controls. OEE, Track & Trace, Lot Tracing and more are becoming vital to successful operations in modern manufacturing. With our MES systems implemented,  we guarantee an increase in production within the first months use.
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  • Trends & Historical Data

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Alarm Analysis


Scada System - HMI Tochscreen

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