MCC Controls

We offer a wide range of industrial automation services including MES systems, Data Collection & Analytics, HMI & SCADA development, PLC Programming, equipment integration and electrical installation. See below for details or call to discuss your project requirements with one of our experts,

Systems Integration

We have experienced control system integrators ready to understand your process. We develop well structured PLC code and HMI design to optimize your process. We have experience with multiple platforms.


We have MES & SCADA experts who create intuitive controls systems which combine great code with modern graphic design. Our controls function well and look great.

Integrating Upgrades

Let us work with you to seamlessly integrate new equipment into your existing process. We can use our knowledge to modernize your controls and hardware. Upgrades are a great way to increase performance and efficiency,

Project Management

Our team has experience quoting suppliers, delivering hardware and overseeing installation and commissioning. Put our experience to work delivering accurate work, on time and on budget.

Electrical Install

Our people include licensed electricians, who are equipped to install, diagnose and troubleshoot electrical equipment. We can install hardware, diagnose wiring issues and identify and replace damaged components.


With years of experience installing and commissioning equipment in various industries and multiple countries, our commissioning teams are prepared to handle the challenges and pressure of working on a busy job site.

Production Support

Our job doesn't stop when a project is complete. We are able to offer extended production support and diagnostics for completed and existing process controls.

Design Service

Our experts can help design high performance networks, control and motor panels and backup systems to suit the needs of your project.


Debug and troubleshooting
Commissioning execution and oversight
Equipment additions and upgrades
Trials and testing


Rockwell: Factory Talk, RSLogix
Siemens: Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC
GE iFix


Licensed electrical contractor
Small to large scale installations
Panel design and build in house
System design & drawings